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Frama Franking Machines

Office Mail
How do you buy only what you need today  and yet remain immediately ready to handle future postal growth? Think modular from the start. The OfficeMail already enables you to include advertising messages and to remotely upload postal credit, while quick print-outs give you total franking-use transparency and all Frama franking systems are password protected. This leaves all the doors to system expansion open.




Go straight to the top in professional mail-handling! These systems let you choose between envelope franking and franking-labels with a single key-stroke. To upgrade to a fully-automated franking system, just add the Feed/Sealer option. Consistent modular design, easy fixed value programming, consistent Touch-Screen ease of use - get optimised postal performance, save time and money, all at a single key-stroke! 



Everything you need, today and tomorrow, is already integrated in the Mailmax system.Among other things, automatic date-change, franking cost statistics, easily changed advertising messages, as well as, where the Post requires it) barcode printing and remote re-crediting.Mailmax means the newest in digital franking technology, all the way from the user-friendly exclusive Touch-Screen to the high-quality ink-jet printing system. Modular, step by step, from the basic Mailmax I to the fully automatic Mailmax II franking system.

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